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Hi there,

I am a Canadian family physician, based in Calgary, Alberta. 

My day job is looking after a panel of 1700+ wonderful patients. I don't just treat them when they get sick. I also try to get to know my patients as unique individuals, and leverage our long-term doctor-patient relationship to help them truly solve their health issues and prevent these health issues from recurring.

Alongslide clinical medicine, I have a passion for education. I currently teach medicine to students in Calgary and around the world through my medical education resource, The Calgary Guide to Understanding Disease. I also am interested in the systemic underpinnings of physician wellness, and work as an instructor for Joule's Practice Management Curriculum to help young physicians understand the basics of financial wellbeing.

I am also interested in healthcare system innovation. Excellent family medicine and high quality primary care are win-win solutions to help healthcare systems become more cost-effective and more sustainable. The evidence speaks for itself. As such, a career objective of mine is to promote the value of family medicine within our healthcare system.

I currently volunteer with the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), sitting on their Board as a Director-At-Large, and chairing their Patient's Medical Home Steering Committee. We set certification standards for Canadian family doctors to ensure they do the best work possible, and advocate for the value of family medicine to national and provincial healthcare funders.  

I believe we can make healthcare more effective, efficient, and patient-centered.

I believe the culture of medicine needs a revamp: a bit less hierarchical and a lot more focused on humility and wellness.

I believe we can teach future doctors that they can each play a key role in preventing disease and improving our healthcare system.

I believe in better. And I look forward to working with those who believe the same.

-Yan Yu MD MPP MBA CCFP, November 2020

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